African American hair has historically been a whirlwind of controversy, business, innovation, and tradition.   So much of our culture is developed in the Black church and the Black salon.  Like cultural centers, these places bring us together in principles and truth.  The church connects us through ideology.  The salon  connects us through creativity and style.  Black people, with hair textures as varied as our complexions and heritage, have innovated and developed trends in the beauty industry throughout the years to illuminate the beauty of our non-homogeneity.

The first Black millionaires were Miss Annie Malone and Madame CJ Walker, ladies who built hair and beauty empires based on innovation of hot tools and chemical straighteners. Their business innovations are pillars that today’s Cosmetology profession were built upon.

Although we can chemically straighten, texturize, and reform textures– it’s never too late to go natural!! Since 2000 and the Neo Soul era, natural hair has been pushing forward as a popular trend to alleviate the stresses of chemical manipulation.  We are embracing the textural variety and developing techniques that accentuate Black curls, coils, and kinks.

From short afro cuts to long afro hair extensions, natural looks are the rage! Check out Exotic Textures for all your natural hair needs and questions.