Dreads, or locs, are versatile, and semi-permanent. You can trim and redefine your locs with the seasons of your life. One may desire to color, cut and style according to occasions and the length of your hair. To insider knowledge, one can comb out locs that are under 3 years old. With a good comb, and patience, your hair will survive anything and it’s possible. Alternatively, just as you went natural, you can cut the locs completely, resize them, or even restart—beginning a new crop of dreads.[/toggle][toggle title=”When Should I Lock?” open=”no”]“I have been natural for a year now and I love my afro but now it is rather large.  Remaining professional is rather hard with such a pronounced hair style.  What should I do?!! ” 

Natural hair is integral in American society as it affirms Black culture.   African American hair is big industry and for people to denigrate their texture to pursue a façade of dollhood, only demolishes the sense of identity that we have as an intrinsic ethnicity with and within a diverse cultural make-up.

It is wrong for corporate America to ask you to deny your intrinsic racial identity for the job you qualify to work based on the merits of your education, training, and skill level.  As long as your hair is practical, kemp, and presentable, and you produce the quality of work you are required to achieve, natural hair should not be a problem in any workplace.

The Big Chop” is that first step in a transformation in the way you see yourself.  Once you look in the mirror free of all the insecurity and self neglect that conformity requires, you see a beautifully clear, self-defined person.  Be bold enough to wear natural hair; your inner beauty automatically shines through.  There are no thick weave extensions and fluff covering you, but rather your hair becomes a testament to your natural beauty, your self-assured identity, and your comfort in dealing with your hair as if it weren’t a burden, but a joy.

For your Big Chop, you should wait until you have an inch or so of new growth.  For longer lengths, it may be easier to transition through styling.  If you choose to barber, go for a sexy short tapered haircut or an afro.  Either style offers freedom and appeal that can be dressed appropriately for the workplace, casual, or evening dress.  Short hair is low maintenance all time of the year, and flexible enough to work your accessories in every season.

The Big Chop is a specialty experience. More like an induction; once you cut your overprocessed and damaged hair, you will feel a sense of freedom from the slavery of chemical processing. You will be treated to a Wash and Deep Conditioning, your Big Chop, and an intensive consultation with tips about home maintenance and products. I suggest you just commit to the journey. 🙂