For some, being natural is a lifestyle decision.  For others, its a fashion style decision.  For the natural hair specialist, it’s about finding balance.  I meet everyone from Vegans to Hebrew Isrealites.  I meet Amazon women with a hair fetishes and those with strictly organic lifestyle habits.  In the Beyonce generation, I find myself on a platform of an iconic style trend, trying to find a modern iteration of my own self-expression where I can be myself and Slay all day every day.

Striking the balance between natural woman and modern woman is one that today’s Naturalista must WERK well.  We strive to SLAY no matter the length of our natural looks.  I should know.  I have had three sets of dreadlocks. I’ve worn textured hair extensions.  I am currently rocking a tapered afro look with a bomb color for my summer beach body.

I am the modern Naturalista. The best way to explain it is that:

“Naturalistas envision Fashion as ART, their Hair is a uniquely fashioned extension of that Art, and their bodies, a Canvas.  Composition of a Naturalista’s style is Ultimately her own Masterpiece.”

-Ayanna Gholson

When Exotic Textures is a big brand, I hope Ayanna will synonymous with Coco Chanel and Mary Kay Ash.  Maybe then a generation will be quoting me.

But for now, I don’t want to be considered uncivilized, so yes, I shave and get my nails done.  I wear my makeup- from Bare Escentuals to MAC.  Some ladies are going to keep getting their weaves with natural hair braided underneath, others are keeping their perfectly executed African braid styles, while others are doing their at-home wet sets.  Please don’t think it’s a Natural hair principle to be less sophisticated or less modern.  Celebrating and embracing natural texture and healthy hair is here to stay.

Please schedule a consultation with me if you need advice on how to go natural with a style that best suits your lifestyle. Whether you want to do the Big Chop or wear Afro Kinky hair extensions you can find more information at